Zikorah: Show the World

About Zikorah

Zikorah is a word from the Eastern part of Nigeria which means “show the world”.

Every individual, irrespective of gender, race, religion or status has a unique light that the world needs to see, a unique voice that the world needs to hear.

Unfortunately, fear, insecurity, shame, anxiety and stress from our immediate environment prevent the expression of our best selves.

Zikorah was born out of a desire to remind us that we are here for a reason, to serve a purpose. It is a call for us to remove whatever is keeping our light hidden, and to face life head on.

It is a forum where we discuss our challenges and learning from them. We consider real people who have gone through what we may be going through and take courage from their stories, gaining insights from the way the issues were handled and how the challenges were surmounted.

Zikorah is a community of friends, sisters, brothers, colleagues helping one another to succeed. We cry together, laugh together, pray with one another, celebrate our joys, passions and also promote one another.

The idea for an inspirational online magazine was conceived by Teresa Beluchi Umeakunne in 2013 but was not implemented until 2015.

If you have a story, talent or hero to share, this blog is just for you.

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