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Everyday Heroes – Bisola Abayomi Ojo

Bisola Abayomi-Ojo

Raising children with physical or mental developmental disabilities requires physical, emotional and mental strength from parents and caregivers. Our hero of the month works to help these children live their lives as independently as possible. We celebrate her commitment to her work and the impact her efforts have on the lives of the children under her care. Her commitment is driven by her believe that “every child with a developmental disability has a bright future.”

Bisola Abayomi-Ojo studied physiotherapy at the College of Medicine of University of Lagos so she could help people recover from neurological and orthopedic conditions and still carry out their daily activities with minimum dependence on devices or people.

While in the University, she was amazed at the number of children that needed physical therapy and the absence of qualified specialists available to give these children the assistance/support they required. This and her passion for helping children motivated her to specialize in pediatrics physiotherapy.

According to Bisola, the biggest challenge experienced in her line of work is the lack of local advancement in pediatrics physiotherapy and the attitude of parents to their children’s therapy which could prove detrimental to the children. In spite of these challenges, Bisola feels great when she sees challenged children under her care, improve and start achieving their milestones. “I feel so fulfilled and elated especially with cases that had been ruled as hopeless cases” she says.

Bisola’s advise to parents with challenged children is

“Don’t ever give up on your child. Try your best to cooperate with the physiotherapist treating your child. Ask as many questions as possible. You will most likely not like something they say but please try to be objective because your child is the most important person in the equation.”

She has this to say to other caregivers, “be patient, extremely patient if you can’t, please don’t take the job.”

Umeakunne Teresa

Teresa Beluchi Umeakunne loves to teach and encourage people. She is an avid reader with a deep passion for music, good movies and GREAT food.

Teresa currently lives in Lagos with her husband and 4 children.

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