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The saying “do not judge a book by its cover” literally means that only the core of a person or product matters and packaging is overrated. My friend Celine (not her real name) is passionate about her job but believes performance on the job supersedes physical appearance or comportment.

Working with an audit firm, she always looked forward to the day she would represent her firm at the Annual General Meeting of one of their big clients. To her, it will be the stepping stone to greater things. She finally got her chance and on the d-day, showed up at the office, dressed in her usual style. The Senior partner at the firm, took one look at her and delegated the task to another colleague.

The question then is do people really judge books by their covers? Oh yes they do!!! If not, why do we want to look our best (sometimes borrow outfits)  for job interviews or dress to kill when going on that special first date?

Allow me to share my own experience: I was discussing business with a client of mine and when I was about to close the deal, he said ‘I know your service will be expensive’. The statement made me curious and upon further enquiry I realized that he priced my service as premium because of the way I was dressed which was quite hilarious given where and how the outfit was sourced. I can confidently tell you that BDS Clothing Store styled me that fateful day.

an open market
Image: An open market for fairly used clothes (Source- Google Images)

I believe we all know of the famous BDS (Bend-Down Select/Okirika/2nd Hand clothing/fairly used/thrift shop etc.) located everywhere if you seek it out. The splendor of this ‘infamous’ store is that you can find your kind of style and increase your wardrobe significantly. Do not get me wrong about patronizing BDS; I personally invest some good money in my shoes and bags but for my clothing, I have the opportunity of being stylish, dynamic and somewhat cheap :D.

I am not trying to disregard the role of hard work and diligence but to emphasize the need for us to look good (feel good) in ADDITION to smarts and a pleasant disposition because as human beings, we are wired to desire that which looks attractive and it is unrealistic for a lady or guy to pay little or no attention to his or her looks and expect to be taken seriously.

People give countless excuses for not dressing right –I am too big or thin to wear that, every nice thing is expensive, looking good is vanity etc.

In my opinion,  finance should not be an excuse for not dressing well because there are many places where you can find your kind of style at very affordable rates, the secret is knowing where, when and how to buy. If you source properly, you can increase your working wardrobe significantly without breaking the bank or buying clothes on credit.

The pressure to keep up with trends drastically reduces our wardrobe budget, so I will say one thing ‘if it is in vogue, it is not for you’. The idea is to be able mix/match; compliment/contrast already acquired clothing in your wardrobe with Style and still look trendy.


Let’s get some facts straight-

Black, White, Brown and Grey are universal/neutral colors so it wouldn’t matter if you bought a black ‘Gucci’ skirt, people will only appreciate your black Gucci skirt or trousers if you tastefully combine it with the right accessories.

Sharon Bunting
The beautiful Sharon Bunting in a black and white combo (The side slit on the skirt added a stylish feature to the outfit)

Or you can be the lady who struts into your office with a pair of white trousers matched with animal skin shirt or blouse completing the look with a powerful smile and a positive attitude that is infectious.

Pia Tabuchi
The delectable Pia_Tabuchi Ekawu wore a gold belt which helped illuminate the outfit.

Much as I believe in the ‘Power’ look for professional women, I also believe we can maintain our feminine status in the business world. So let us try something new by pairing a trendy fabric ‘A Black Cord Lace’ with a chiffon blouse of any color (properly accessorized) to achieve the ‘Power’ look.

We will love to see your awesome pictures when you eventually try this look and will give three women the opportunity of gracing this page at the end of the month. They will earn ‘ZIKORAH WOMEN’ of the month and their combination will tell us that they are edgy, classy, adventurous, stylish and budget friendly.

One last thing, ‘A Zikorah Woman’ is the person who (with or without a fat bank account, slim or endowed), sets out to accomplish everything she desires.

And in the words of Karl Lagerfeld, “Don’t dress to Kill, dress to survive”.

Ogho Ekwale

I go by a pseudo name "The Countess" because my all time favorite movie is ‎"The Count of Monte Cristo". The movie reminds me of some simple life lessons.

However, as "Ogho Ekwale" and as an Image Consultant/Executive trainer, I have a passion for inspiring people with words and enhancing their physical appearance to compliment their professional/personal lives so they can achieve more and become more.

In my free time, I enjoy dancing and am also a certified "foodie".

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