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Damilare Olalekan SHONUBI is an accountant by profession but after years of working for various organizations, he decided to pursue his passion for events management and decoration. He tells us about his journey so far…

What made you decide to go into this business?

Having worked for several companies, i decided to quit a paying job to venture into what i know how to do best. I felt the need to impact the Events Industry in my own way and the urge to be self employed has always been there; so i took the bull by the horns.

Did you take any professional training to start the business?

Well, i did not receive any training to start up. Event planning and decor skills have been a free gift from God. However, I still browse the internet to see new designs and also read books to broaden my scope of knowledge.

How lucrative is it? Can a person make a comfortable living from it?

For those that know their way through, it is a very lucrative business. A person in this business cannot afford to be lazy because of the efforts required to keep it going. As long as you are hardworking, you can live comfortably from the business proceeds without seeking financial support from anybody.

How much capital is required to start?

Capital requirement depends on the pocket of the entrepreneur and the level he wants to operate on. You cannot acquire the tools for event planning and decor business in a day because of the dynamism of the business. We have to keep following the trend. It is therefore difficult to predict exactly how much a person would require to start the business.

Any challenges to the business?

The business itself is a challenging one. Every single day, we have new entrants into the business making it more saturated. The market is also highly competitive but the greatest challenge is the manner in which some practitioners operate in order to undercut other practitioners but what they are actually doing is undermining the industry.

How long have you been in the events industry?

I have been in the industry for seven (7) years but officially, 4 years and counting.

Is it an easy business to do? If not, what inspires you to keep doing it?

I keep the saying ”nothing good comes easy” foremost in mind. It has been a challenging venture but determination, discipline, creativity and diligence have kept me going. Above all, the accolade we receive at the end of every event pushes us to do more.

Damilare is the Project Manager at DPE Events Limited, an events management outfit located in Lagos, Nigeria.

Contact details:

08068392501, dpeeventsltd@gmail.com

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