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Making Coconut Rice


  1. 2 coconuts
  2.  2 cups of rice
  3.  Smoked chicken
  4.  3 tablespoons ground crayfish
  5.  2 tomatoes (sliced in rings to garnish)
  6.  2 seasoning cubes
  7.  Salt to taste
  8.  1 medium onion
  9.  3 small scotch bonnet peppers
  10.  3 medium carrots
  11.  Spring onions 50g



Chop the spring onions, onions, pepper and carrots.

Wash rice thoroughly, parboil for 5-8 mins, remove from heat, rinse and set aside


Break the coconut, scoop out the flesh and grate the coconut

Extract the milk by squeezing the grated coconut through your fingers in a bowl. Add 2-3 cups of warm water to the grated coconut and extract more milk. Use a sifter to separate the milk from the flesh and pour into your cooking pot. You can skip this process entirely by buying canned coconut milk.


Heat the coconut milk, add the ground crayfish, onion, diced scotch bonnet pepper, smoked chicken, seasoning cubes and salt to taste


Add parboiled rice, chopped carrots, stir and cook on low heat until soft


When rice is soft, remove from heat and serve



Save leftover milk for coconut oil. I will be posting the recipe soon

Ndifreke Nwoye

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